Thursday, July 25, 2013

God's Aleatory Covenant - Beyond Behavior

Aleatory Contract - 
A contract type in which the parties involved do not have to perform a particular action until a specific event occurs. Events are those which cannot be controlled by either party, such as natural disasters and death. Aleatory contracts are commonly used in insurance policies. The insurer does not have to pay the insured until an event, such as a fire, results in property loss. (Investopedia)

I've worked with and around insurance most of my professional career. Life insurance in particular, is not well understood and most people don't like to talk about the subject because it causes you to face the inevitable and who really wants to pay premiums? What is life insurance? It is a contract between the owner of a policy and the guarantor (the company) to pay in the event of a mortality event. The promise to pay is often referred to as a "death benefit."

Let's look closer at this contract. There can be several parties to an insurance contract. There is 1) the owner, who may or may not also be 2) the insured (the person on whose mortality payment is triggered), 3) the guarantor and the 4) beneficiary (of which there can be many).  It often works out this way: the owner, who also pays the premiums/the cost, dies, which triggers payment to his heirs or beneficiaries.

Doesn't it also work this way in the economy of heaven? God's covenant (his insurance contract) has always been, from the foundation of the world (Rev. 13:8) that he would restore to man our glory and possession, our inheritance. Isn't the covenant promise that he (the owner) himself would pay the cost triggering payment to his beneficiaries?

What do the beneficiaries do but collect the death benefit? That guarantee is in effect for all who claim; who believe by faith in the one who pays the cost and the guarantor (and the guarantee), to be heirs of salvation. As for this focus on fruit (behavior), does an apple tree produce apples by focusing on producing apples? What can you do by your insistence on seeing fruit? Just be glad you're a fruit tree and behold the salvation of The Lord!

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